Dear students,

Starting on Monday, 24 October 2016, the Virtual Academy for Sustainability in cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) will launch a new course about Germany’s energy transition, the Energiewende.


Anyone interested in taking the six-week course – students and non-students – can sign up for free. Students in Germany can receive a certificate for the course by watching the weekly videos, discussing the lecture in the forum and completing the weekly exercises. Overall, a workload of 30 hours is expected.

Participants should have a basic knowledge of the energy sector; experts from outside Germany will also learn how the Germans analyze their situation. Conclusions about how to go about implementing a transition in other countries can then be drawn.

Over six weeks, the course investigates the power sector and the three end-use sectors (industry, buildings, and mobility), each in one week. In addition, the first week is devoted to the general targets and history. The last week closes the course with an outlook towards 2050 based on scenarios. The course thus embeds the technical discussion within the historical and societal context.

Along with a reading list, nearly 30 videos were created especially for the course. Conversations are held with top German experts and decision-makers from organizations ranging from Agora Energiewende, Fraunhofer institutes, several innovative German companies, a number of universities, and of course the IASS itself.

//best regards,

the team of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability