Offer and advantages


We have a wide offer of video-based courses from well-respected lecturers with sustainable teaching background. The courses we offer can be admitted at your own Higher Education Institute with 3 Credit Points in study-fields like optional courses, “General Studies” or “open studies”. Accompanying to your other courses or in your free periods you can register to our courses and can learn whenever and wherever you want.


angebot1All courses are freely available. In addition to the videos you can use other learning material that can be found at our learning platform as well as getting in contact with This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you want to get Credits for the courses on your own Higher Education Institute, we advise the following:

  1. Work with the lecture slides of the course and clarify open questions.
  2. Be good prepared for the exam (help is given at the learning platform).
  3. Make your exam at your own Institute (Dates and contact persons can be found at our learning-platform).


Your advantages


Getting competence
As a student of the Academy you getting competences in creating a sustainable development and you will be prepared for future challenges. Furthermore you will get competences in eLearning as well as in handling with digital media. If you have done your exam successfully you will get 3 Credit Point for it.


Flexibility in time and place
The students of the Academy can choose when and where they want to learn and in their own speed. Students can build their own process of study and use the offers of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability as addition or extension for your common study.

Freely available courses
All video based courses are continuously available at any time on the website of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability. Therefore, a specific repeating, making up or deepening is possible.

Content of the courses
The courses are produced with well-respected lecturers with sustainable teaching background, so you can revert to a wide expert knowledge.

Technical quality of our videos
All lecturers are professional recorded. The recording is characterized by highly audio and film quality. Based on the longtime experience of producing learning videos, the allocation of a broad range of course offerings can be given.