Frequently Asked Questions


1.   What is the Virtual Academy of Sustainability?

The Virtual Academy of Sustainability offers all students innovative video based courses of sustainable development. Through the courses from the Virtual Academy of Sustainability, students have the possibility to get Credit Points for their studies.

2.   For whom is the Virtual Academy of Sustainability?

The video based online courses of the Academy are freely available to all interested students. Furthermore, interested lecturers or the Principal of a Higher Education Institute can use the online courses of the Academy. With that, they have the chance to integrate education for sustainable development in their teachings. The courses of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability can also be used by any interested people who will improve their own skills.

3.   How much does it cost to participate in the Virtual Academy of Sustainability courses?

All online courses, the initial application progress on the learning platform as well as participation in exams is all free to students.

4.   Which video based courses are offered?

You will find all courses on the Virtual Academy of Sustainability website, www.va-bne.de. The courses are continuously available at any time. Furthermore, on the website, you will find information about the content and on the lecturer of all episodes.

5.   How can I apply to a course?

If you want to participate in an exam of a specific course, you can apply freely on the learning platform. Here you will also find further learning material like lecture slides, a notebook and a test for monitoring your own learning outcome. Progress on the learning platform you can also get in contact with the Academy-team as well as apply for exams.

6. How does it work? Are there regular course times?

There are no fixed or regular times for attending the video based courses. At any time you can register to a course or participate in an exam. You can learn whenever and wherever. Exams take place periodically.

7.   Are there tasks/texts/homework to do?

We expect you not to only watch the lectures. Beyond this you will also be expected to deal with the subject matter. This can be achieved by doing the exercises or suggested readings. In the videos you will find guidelines on this.

8.   Is there an exam?

The exams can only be done online. You can only do your online exam at any Higher Education Institute that collaborates with the Virtual Academy of Sustainability. You will find a register of these Institutes at our website. The dates of the exams at these respective Institutes can be find on our learning platform.

9.   How is the exam structured?

In the online exam you will find closed questions, e.g. you will not be required to write text. With different kinds of questions, we will ask about your understanding, your knowledge about facts and your ability to transfer your knowledge to other situations. An example of an online exam can be found here: http://uebung.eassessment.uni-bremen.de

10. How does one prove validity completed in other institutions?

In more and more Higher Education Institutes you will find contact persons that can help you. If you can´t find your academy at the cooperating Higher Education Institutes on our website, please contact us.

11.   Whom can I ask if I have further questions?

If you have questions that are relevant to other participants, please ask them in the forum on our learning platform. This way other students can also learn from them. At the forum several questions will answered through teamwork with other students. If it´s an individual question, you can send an email to the Academy-team. You can also ask them during the online consultation hours, which takes place once a week.