zitat schneidewind 2As a responsible person for teaching and education, you will introduce or enhance education for sustainable development in your own Higher Education Institute? You as a lecturer will use new video based courses, using new teaching-methods and integrate education for sustainable development in your own faculty? Or are you interested to offer your own lecturer at the Virtual Academy of Sustainability?


You can participate in two different ways:

  1. Become a coordinator and a contact person for education for sustainable development on your own institute.
  2. Become a lecturer of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability and create your own online course. Therefore, we offer you several ways of support. To getting a little overview of the different ways of support, you can have a look at our coaching video.

By any interest, please get in This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with us. We will be glade to help integrating education for sustainable development into you institute.


Advantages for academies and lecturers:zitat de haan

By using the video based courses of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability, your institute can do a contribution to reaching the goal of the UN-Decade Education for sustainable development. With it:

  • You are integrating innovative, multimedia and new exam-methods into your institute.
  • You enable your students to study in a family-friendly way by using the online-courses („Learn whenever wherever!”)
  • You can revert to the knowledge of other lecturers in the sustainability-field and can integrate new aspects.
  • By using the online-courses of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability, you create a basis for education for sustainable development. Hereon, you can build on.
  • You profit of our long-time experiences in the field of producing video-based courses and doing online exams.