Inhalt der Veranstaltung

This is a course offered in German.

The course „Sustainable Development – basics and implementation” gives an introduction about the concept of a sustainable development and explains the theoretical concepts of weak and strong sustainability. It also touches on the three dimensions of sustainability from an economical point of view. On these basics, issues about the meaning of innovations, technical progress and eco-efficiency are discussed.

Several concepts of measurement and evaluation of a sustainable development show the different possibilities of quantifying the degree of sustainable development. Furthermore the implementation of sustainable strategies in national or regional levels is shown. To systematically combine the dimensions environmental, social and economic, the concept of the integrated triangle of sustainability is developed and used. The interaction between theory and practical examples enables an overview of sustainable development.


The course is open to students of every discipline. You can receive 3 Creditpoints with a workload of circa 90 hours. This time period includes watching and working through the educational videos, revising the presentational slides, dealing with the exercises, reading additional literature and preparing for the exam. The exam will be an online test, which you can complete at a nearby university.

The educational videos can generally be used by anybody on any level. Even school teachers can incorporate the provided material into their own classes or other groups (e.g. companies) can profit, too.

If you have any questions of suggestions fell free to contact the module responsible.

This lecture is offered by Prof. Dr. Michael von Hauff. It has been produced 2010/11 for the eGeneral Studies at the University of Bremen.