Inhalt der Veranstaltung

This is a course offered in German.

In practice, the need for integrating social, environmental and economic matters into business economics has become necessary. This course summaries the stage of development of sustainable business economics. In this way it enhances practical knowledge and sustainability competences for companies.

The course is introduced in several economic areas and indicating the possibilities to create a sustainable management. Additionally, it explains the connections between these economic areas and sustainable business management, e.g. Supply Chain Management or Corporate Social Responsibility.


The course is open to students of every discipline. You can receive 3 Credit points with a workload of circa 90 hours. This time period includes watching and working through the educational videos, revising the presentational slides, dealing with the exercises, reading additional literature and preparing for the exam. The exam will be an online test, which you can complete at a nearby university.

The educational videos can generally be used by anybody on any level. Even school teachers can incorporate the provided material into their own classes or other groups (e.g. companies) can profit, too.

If you have any questions of suggestions fell free to contact the module responsible.

This course is offered by Lecturers of the Commission of Sustainable Management (in the association of German Professors). It has been produced in 2012 for the Virtual Academy of Sustainability at the University of Bremen.



1 - Einführungsveranstaltung
(Prof. Dr. Müller-Christ, Nadine Dembski)

2 - Produktion und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Grit Walther)

3 - Logistik und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Rainer Souren)

4 - Marketing und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Frank-Martin Belz)

5 - Finanzen und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Alexander Bassen)

6 - Personalmanagement und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Ina Ehnert)

7 - Rechnungswesen und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Edeltraud Günther)

8 - Unternehmensethik und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Christiane Hipp)

9 - Konsum und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Ulf Schrader)

10 - Innovationsmanagement und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter)

11 - Ressourcenmanagement und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Georg Müller-Christ)

12 - Strategisches Management und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Stefan Schaltegger)

13 - Corporate Social Responsibility
(PD Dr. Andre Martinuzzi)

14 - Supply Chain Management und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. Stefan Seuring)

15 - Industrial Ecology und Nachhaltigkeit
(Prof. Dr. habil. Ralf Isenmann)

Freiwilliges Lernangebot

19 - Nachhaltigkeit und kulturalistische BWL
(Prof. Dr. Reinhard Pfriem)

20 - Dr. Georg Winter – Pionier der Praxis
(Prof. em. Dr. Eberhard Seidel)

21 - Siegener Umweltmanagementansatz
(Prof. em. Dr. Eberhard Seidel)