UNESCO-Global Action Program “Education for Sustainable Development” (2015–2019)

After completing the UN-decade it has become clear that all educational systems approach this topic reluctantly. Despite many achievements the different projects and actions still lack a long term implementation on a structural basis. Due to this fact and to continue the current results, the United Nations decided to start the Global Action Program “ESD”.

A detailed roadmap has been developed to explain the objectives and main areas of activity of this program. These fields of action were identified as those who promote the ESD:

  • Political support
  • Holistic transformation of learning and teaching environments
  • Competence development among teachers and multipliers
  • Strengthening and mobilizing the youth
  • Promoting sustainable development on a local level

You can find all information about the UNESCO Global Action Program and its implementation in Germany on the BNE-Portal.

UN-Decade „Education for Sustainable Development“ (2005–2014)

unescoThe proclaimed goal of the United Nations Decade was to anchor the principle of a sustainable development in all areas of education. Funded and supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the German Commission for UNESCO undertook this task for Germany. During the decade numerous actors and organizations contributed to the achievement of this objective.

In March 2009 the World Conference at the halfway point of the Decade took place in Bonn. In the final declaration, the universities were once again reminded to meet their responsibilities and include competences for sustainable development in their educational goals. In 2010 the German Rectors’ Conference and the German Commission for UNESCO called in a joint statement on the universities to actively promote the integration of sustainability as a topic in research and teaching.

The UN-Decade of 2005–2014 has brought Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into focus and made the emergence of many projects in this area possible. Meanwhile ESD receives increasing recognition on international level as an essential part of a quality-oriented education and a key factor for sustainable development.